Dr. Strangelove – Retro Kubrick T-Shirt

Dr. Strangelove New Rlease T-Shirt

Stanley Kubrick’s foray into satire is still one of his strongest works. Dr. Strangelove – GritFX’s Retro Kubrick t-shirt, is now available on the GritFX TeePublic store. Classic Adult T-Shirts come in sizes S – 5XL and start at USD$20.00. For more style options and colors, please visit the store.

You can also pick up this Kubrick inspired tee on our newly created NeatoShop store! Here you can purchase “Big & Tall” sizes – up to 6XL tees and up to 10XL (special order tees).

“Dr. Strangelove” is today’s new t-shirt release. Learn to stop worrying and pick one up today! SAVE up to 35% OFF for the first 72hrs!

Dr. Strangelove Adult T-Shirt
Dr Strangelove T-Shirts
Adult T-Shirts from USD$20.00 | Up to 5XL | Available on Black & Navy Tees only.

Dr. Strangelove Adult Hoodies
Dr Strangelove Hoodies
Adult Hoodies from USD$45.00 | Up to 5XL | Also on Lightweight Hoodies

Dr. Strangelove Adult Baseball Tees
Dr Strangelove Baseball Tees
Adult Baseball Tees | Up to 2XL | Available on Black & White only

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