Calvin and Hobbes Star Wars Tees

Calvin and Hobbes Star Wars Tee Collection

Next time you go on a Star Wars adventure, do so with a sense of humor in Calvin and Hobbes Star Wars Tees by DJKopet!

South Florida-based graphic designer David Kopet (aka DJKopet) is easily one of our favorites. His work is stand-out and we’re unashamedly throwing the spotlight on his Star Wars cartoon parodies – lovable characters re-imagined in the style of Calvin and Hobbes! Dave nails the style and mischievous spirit which the comic strips embody.

The husband and father of two boys once applied his creativity solely as an art director for a web-based company – until one day he decided to put one of his ideas onto a t-shirt. Hence was born DJKopet. With a lot of work, support of family and natural talent, his stores today could be considered a one-stop-shop for awesome pop culture parodies.

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Snow Wars

Snow Wars Tees
Let the fun begin.

Attack of the Deranged Killer Snow Walkers

Attack of the Deranged Killer Snow Walkers
“Being a dad of 2 boys and witnessing the power of a child’s imagination, I’ve built my fair share of cardboard box forts. My own childhood favorites, like the ones that inspired this parody, are the kinds of things that I like to share with my kids.” ~ djkopet

Calvin and Hoth

Calvin and Hoth Star Wars Tees
This parody shows that every kid could use an imaginary snow creature to ride into battle. No matter how badly it smells.

A Less Civilized Age

A Less Civilized Age - Star Wars Tees
A parody design for a less civilized age.

Playful Rebels

Playful Rebels
A parody of Star Wars and Calvin and Hobbes.

New Adventures Awaken

New Adventures Awaken
Friends and companions will come and go. But the adventure continues on!

Training We Are

Training We Are
Luke had to let his imagination soar while he was training in the swamps. Or else he would have gone crazy with the stress of it all. But his little green master kept him occupied.

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Thanks for flipping through the Calvin and Hobbes Star Wars Tees by David. If you’ve got time, you should also take a look at his Cute Star Wars Tees for Little Rebels.