Can’t-Stand-Ya! Funny Seinfeld T-Shirt

can't-stand-ya t-shirt

Remember George’s Gym Teacher? How about those teeth like baked beans? Enjoy the Mr. Heyman memories in a Can’t-Stand-Ya! funny Seinfeld T-Shirt, now available on the GritFX TeePublic store. Classic Adult T-Shirts come in sizes S – 5XL and start at USD$20.00. For more style options and colors, please visit the store.

“Can’t-Stand-Ya!”- Costanza’s nemesis – is today’s new t-shirt release. SAVE up to 30% OFF for the first 72hrs!

Can’t-Stand-Ya! Adult Seinfeld T-Shirt
Funny Seinfeld T-Shirt - Can't-Stand-Ya!
Adult T-Shirts from USD$20.00 | Up to 5XL | Various other colors

Can’t-Stand-Ya! Adult Hoodies
Can't-Stand-Ya! Adult Hoodies
Adult Hoodies from USD$45.00 | Up to 5XL | Also on Lightweight Hoodies

How about a Classic Ringer Tee for your new Seinfeld T-Shirt?

Can’t-Stand-Ya! Retro Adult Ringer Tees
Retro Seinfeld T-Shirt - Adult Can't-Stand-Ya! Ringer Tees
Retro Adult Ringer Tees from USD$26.00 | Up to XL

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